Robust Ethernet switch as backbone connectivity for your Smart IoT projects.

Smart City by using the existing infrastructure

Due to the area-wide infrastructure and the area-wide connection to the power supply and data networks of cities, light poles offer the ideal location for an integrated multifunctional and intelligent digitalization infrastructure.
This makes G.L.E.N.® the key technology for cities to develop into a ‘Smart City/Smarter City’ by means of digital functional modules.

Smart Industry through integration into existing industrial processes

Climate change, sustainability and cost efficiency are ubiquitous and some of the reasons for Smart Industry.
As a key technology, G.L.E.N.® offers the opportunity for industry to develop into a ‘Smart Industry’.

Operating Instructions G.L.E.N.®

Product data Sheet G.L.E.N.®

Product Sheet G.L.E.N.®

Declaration of Conformity

Product data Sheet G.L.E.N.E.C.

Features G.L.E.N.®

Safe and reliable performance for your Smart IoT use cases.

Challenging environmental conditions at street furniture (e.g., light poles, traffic lights, and control boxes), industrial sites, and outdoor installations such as humidity, dust, extreme temperatures, and electromagnetic interference, as well as space constraints, often prevent successful IoT deployments.

CGF integrates market-leading embedded networking solutions to enable high-speed connectivity at the highest level for IoT and safety-critical applications.

CGF products are designed to integrate at the edge of your network, providing secure, reliable and easy-to-manage access for your applications.

Resilient Ethernet switch for smart infrastructure & critical networks.

Backed by the Cisco Switch ESS3300, G.L.E.N.® is a secure and compact solution for harsh environments in public, industrial and critical environments.

Small form factors and intelligent mounting systems allow easy installation inside light poles, along roads and railroads, and as part of industrial and critical networks.

Applications are thus connected to secure Gigabit networks and supplied with DC power over the same cable according to the PoE+ standard. Automated network configuration and system management using Cisco DNA Center results in minimal operational effort and maximum resilience and IT security.

G.L.E.N.® Advantages at a glance


G.L.E.N.® is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions for critical infrastructure, industrial, security and outdoor applications: Fully rugged electronics are embedded in a hermetically sealed aluminum housing with IP66 connectors.

G.L.E.N.® withstands the harshest outdoor and industrial conditions, including intense water exposure, dust, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.


G.L.E.N.® guarantees its performance in hot and cold temperatures. Due to its fanless design with no moving parts, no maintenance is required throughout its life cycle. All electronic components and parts are selected and manufactured to the highest industrial quality standards. This results in unsurpassed overall reliability.

10 Gigabit/s High-Speed Ethernet

G.L.E.N.® provides high-speed Gigabit Ethernet switching capacity for demanding IoT applications, including 5G mobile networks, WiFi 6 access points, high-resolution cameras or displays for smart displays and billboards.
G.L.E.N.® is configurable with:

2x 10 Gbit/s fiber or copper line for uplink
4x 1 Gbit/s ports for applications
Each application port supports PoE + and can be configured as a logically separated network.

PoE+ (Power over Ethernet)

G.L.E.N.® provides data connection and power supply for the application with one cable to minimize installation effort. Each G.L.E.N.® application port delivers a data rate of 1 Gbit / s and DC power according to PoE + (IEEE 802.3 at) with an M12 X-coded, fully sealed connector. The DC power is reliably converted by the internal G.L.E.N.® power converter from a wide AC input range (220 – 240 VAC).

Easy installation

G.L.E.N.® has a compact size to fit through DIN lamp mast openings. G.L.E.N.® is supplied with a mounting fixture that allows one-click installation. All connectors are easy to couple with standard tools.
G.L.E.N.® has status LEDs on the front panel. Internal and external tamper detection provide reliable lifetime condition information.

Simple operation

G.L.E.N.® is based on embedded and software from Cisco. Therefore, the G.L.E.N.® deployment is fully automated with a zero touch setup. This prevents errors due to automated configurations and has a user-friendly WEB user interface and the familiar Cisco CLI.
G.L.E.N.® integrates seamlessly with Cisco DNA Center infrastructure and operations. Therefore, G.L.E.N.® supports policy-based operations, cloud service management virtualization, and full SD-WAN compliance.

Leverage world-leading Cisco networking technology to scale and operate your IoT edge network

Cisco DNA Center

G.L.E.N.® provides native Cisco DNA Center integration with full compatibility, ensuring policy-based operation, fail-safe scalability, and maximum operational efficiency.
Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that helps you control your network, optimize investments, and reduce overall IT and IoT spend.

Edge Computing Capabilities

G.L.E.N.® combines on one device Cisco IOS software and an open source Linux, which together form the IOx Edge Compute Framework. Developers can benefit from familiar processes and open source tools prevalent in Linux while generating applications that can run powerful services on the IoT network infrastructure, such as for efficient integration of IoT sensors with ultra-low latency cloud services. In addition, G.L.E.N.® supports LXC for easy virtualization of multiple Linux applications in containers. Download for more details.

Highest IT security

G.L.E.N.® provides seamless security for data centers at the network edge. G.L.E.N.® works with Cisco IOS and is fully compatible with Cisco DNA Center. G.L.E.N.® has full Cisco IOS XE enterprise switching security capabilities.

Seamless IT security for your network edge without compromise!

Digitalization is the future market that offers many new opportunities. G.L.E.N.® is the backbone solution for your Smart IoT projects!

“Enabling IoT” is our vision and mission.

With “Enabling IoT”, we enable our customers to use forward-looking technology to increase value creation, continue and further develop the company, simplify processes, and much more.

The IoT, the “Internet of Things”, is the basis for this.

CGF is a specialist for system solutions and creates with you from counseling, the development of IoT products, the selection of IoT products to the operation of the right IoT system solution for you.

With this ‘building block principle’ we can offer you individual IoT solutions – depending on your needs for your IoT project.

CGF AG is your technology partner for your system solution.

Let’s talk about what requirements you have and how we can support you.


With our comprehensive solutions approach, CGF can turn IIoT technology into real business value for your operation. CGF has the experience and partnerships to order, configure and install all the elements of a world-class, scalable IIoT ecosystem, as well as provide on-site service and ongoing support.

Let CGF take on the complicated process of digitizing your business environment and make it a simple, cost-effective, one-stop solution.

Our IT specialists are ready to implement a cohesive integration of all IIoT ecosystem elements.


to deliver a turnkey solution that is implemented and optimized according to your operational requirements.


CGF serves as a single point of contact for delivering all the components of your IIoT ecosystem so your business information system can improve operations by collecting and transforming data into insights and actions that support your business.

Why choose CGF for IIoT implementation?

We deliver cohesive IloT business value and outcomes by understanding our clients’ strategic needs.
We partner with leading manufacturers to create optimal solutions for our customers.
We focus on providing the fastest and most secure data accessibility for your end-user private network.
We have extensive IT experience in production control rooms and industrial manufacturing processes.
We take a cost-effective, lean consulting approach to provide solutions that best meet your short and long-term needs.