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Starting from CGF AG’s headquarters in Germany, expansion was based on customer and market requirements As the first international subsidiary, CGF Asia Co. Ltd was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2008 Four years later, CGF Group reached the North American continent with the establishment of CGF LLC in Greenville, South Carolina, USA In 2017, CGF S.A. de C.V. was established in San Luis Potosí, Mexico In the following year 2018, four additional branches were opened in Europe In Romania, CGF Romania S.R.L. is present in Bucharest, Iasi and Timişoara

Our guiding principles at all locations are:

Administrative headquarters Ziegelsdorf | CGF AG Germany

Frankfurt |Germany CGF AG Germany

Munich | Germany CGF AG Germany

Bangkok | Thailand CGF Asia

Greenville SC | USA CGF LLC Greenville

San Luis Potosi | Mexico CGF S.A. de CV

Iasi | Romania CGF Romania S.R.L.

Bucharest | Romania CGF Romania S.R.L.